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Agrimed is a company with a dynamic, enterprising and socially conscious spirit. We are activists who aim to ensure that the development of this industry in Africa takes into account the countless individuals and communities who have been marginalised by its prohibition.

We are also business people who appreciate that our endeavours must be guided by economic feasibility subject to stringent corporate governance criteria.


Agrimed aims to utilise the indigenous African knowledge – accumulated over thousands of years – by communities who have a profound understanding of growing and harvesting the plant, and leveraging its many health and wellness benefits.

We are establishing and formalising community-based growing schemes to empower the communities with technical and financial assistance as well as a vehicle for access to international markets. Agrimed is a company with a dynamic, enterprising and socially conscious spirit. Our objective is to use African expertise to bring to the global market the proven health benefits of cannabis, a plant that thrives on our continent, to the global market.


The global relaxation of the prohibition and legalization of cannabis presents exciting opportunities for Africa to become a global leader in the industry. Africa has a natural competitive advantage and can be the lowest cost producer of cannabis products. African states that react to the global trend proactively have the potential to be leaders in this international market and this booming sector.

For regulators: We offer government departments insight and expertise on licensing conditions, appropriate legal framework, implementation of viable pilot projects and production of medicinal cannabis, with insight, consultation and expertise in appropriate licensing conditions, implementation of the legalisation, while paying attention to:

• County-specific development strategy and policies
• Country-specific Legislation
• Cultural and tribal factors
• Incubation and Skills transfer
• Access to finance
• Marketing ability

For consumers: Agrimed brings exceptional African medicinal cannabis products to the global market through hybridising African landrace varieties with internationally recognised medical cannabis strains.

Strategic Overview

Our model utilises community-based networks of indigenous growers:

Consistent with Agrimed’s agenda of enriching lives in the areas where we are active, and especially in historically disadvantaged regions, community-based growing schemes are formalised. Enterprise development programmes are implemented and the transfer of the necessary skills ensure long term sustainability on the ground. The skills development programme includes all aspects of production, natural resource management, workable logistics and assistance and guidance in how to enter the mainstream economy.

Due to the favourable climate conditions in Africa where all-year sunshine is the norm, there is a reduced need for excessive lighting, as required on other continents. Not only does this reduce capital expenditure and operational costs, but results in a higher quality end product. Our organic cultivation systems promote environmental conservation and the protection of natural resources.

The power generation facilities are based on sustainable, renewable energy sources wherever possible and in Lesotho and Mozambique, its hydropower and sun that powers our grow ops.

Agrimed’s extensive network ensures a consistent and stable product supply and reduces transaction costs related to product sourcing. Capitalising on the growing global demand for medicinal cannabis has enabled Agrimed to offer very attractive terms for its customers and growers alike.

Uplifting local communities through commercially viable enterprise development programmes, augmented by skills development and training is a driving motivator of the Agrimed business model.

For the sake of enriching the lives of historically disadvantaged communities, we aim to establish and formalize community-based growing schemes and to provide them with the necessary technical, logistical and financial support.

Due to the organic nature of our production, and low lighting requirements as a result of ample all year round sunshine, these factors reduce the input costs substantially and produces a higher quality medicine and product in general, with no toxins. We grow on virgin soils which have never been cultivated or fertilised, all the electricity we do use is from sustainable renewable sources.

Most critically, our network enables our customers to reduce transaction costs involved in product sourcing while building a strong purchasing relationship with Agrimed. Capitalising on growing global demand for medical cannabis products enables Agrimed to offer forward commitments, premium pricing offers, and volume purchase agreements. Uplifting local communities through access to legitimate revenue streams, skills training and increased crop value is a driving motivator for the Agrimed business.

The Agrimed Africa Group is committed to the production of premium quality legal medicinal cannabis in Africa, in accordance with the highest international standards and in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Cultivation techniques are based on sound scientific methodologies, which are regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure high levels of production of top quality product. Storage and processing facilities conform to the highest international regulatory bodies.

Agrimed is assisting in the legal evolution and regulated acceptance of this plant and its many cannabinoid compounds, as well as their value to humanity and all life forms.

Our network on indigenous growers, abundant land, water resources, and ample sunshine, provides the scale as the lowest cost producer to satisfy the demands of growing international and local markets.


Our farmers are part of our business and have a direct shareholding in their geographic area of operation. This enriches individual lives and a relationship develops which is based on trust and loyalty. This harmonious and vibrant working environment promotes increased productivity and is a factor in reducing theft.

Training and skills transfers are critical elements of our business and each community involved in our business is assessed to understand the most pressing requirements. A rigorous programme is developed to meet the community’s needs and is monitored on a continual basis. Indigenous knowledge is highly valued by Agrimed Africa and this is cherished and nurtured.

Agrimed Africa Ltd is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor.

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